A brand management company in Austria, C Satek, approached me to create some promotional posters for a local ice-cream parlor, Tichy Eissalon.   Each year a artist is selected to produce three illustrations that are put up around Vienna.

The illustrations needed to convey fun and summer.  The only requirements was that three specific products needed to appear and that they must be the three general colours, yellow, pink, and pistachio.

A Polish animation and effect studio, Candy Box, approached me to create a new background for their website.  Their previous background was similar in that it was a world made of chocolate and candy be was made in 3D.

They had stated that the background was to be 3 time the width of an average screen with three distinct sections; The left being dark chocolate with a beast, the middle normal chocolate with a volcano and cute creatures, and the right made of white chocolate with a lighthouse.

The illustration also needed to be build in layers as it was going to parallax. 

Book Covers


Mr Sneeze



Gribbles Gift