Personal Projects

The items bellow are projects that I created for the purpose of learning and exploring, as well as displaying knowledge of tools and design

All shared examples are live and may change as I continue to develop my skills in UX, UI, and software.

Arrive By

The brief that I gave myself was to design an app that a person could use to work out what time they will arrive home on a regular route.  Deigned for people who have regular routes, but don't know the timetable off the top of their head.

I wanted to make the information accessible in the minimum amount of taps.

The finished design caters to adding multiple routes, customising the colour, name, and position of the button on the main screen.  I am unable to simulate moving the icon which would function by holding down.

This was constructed in Adobe UX and later converted to Figma.

Soft White Cloud

 The main goal of this project was to design and explore the front end of an app, the area where a user is presented with signing in or creating an account. 

The secondary goal was to create a site where users could share a product (in this case toilet paper) with their neighbours.

The current design is more traditional with the Sign In/Sign Up options presented first.  Considering the product, I will be updating the flow so that new users can view the content before signing up.